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Wendover Multimedia's primary objective is to give you, the customer, a professional, fast, value-for-money videotape transfer service. You can be reassured that using our BBC-trained technicians, your tapes will be in good hands.  


Why we exist

Your videotapes won't last forever. Those precious memories of past birthdays, family holidays, social occasions and celebrations could be lost unless something is done to preserve them for you and future generations.

If a videotape is not used for a length of time then it can suffer from "print-through" which degrades the playback quality of the picture and sound. Also if the tapes are kept in conditions where the temperatures aren't within the normal household range, such as lofts and outside cupboards or sheds, the tapes can also suffer.

So, before it's too late, we will transfer your VHS or any other format videotape to digital format or DVD for £8.95. If you have over 10 tapes it is a remarkably low £6.95 per tape. Extra copies £3.95 each. For premium quality picture and sound, we use a timebase corrector to smooth out the signal and to ensure that the copy is as blemish-free as possible. Please note we have a minimum order charge of £20.
We can also transfer audio cassettes, and vinyl records to CD, or MP3 format, and repair broken/snapped tapes.


We can convert your VHS, compact VHS, S-VHS, compact S-VHS, Video-8, Hi-8, DV, and mini-DV tapes to DVD or digital media. We can also transfer DVDs to digital media on a hard drive or USB stick, supplied by us or you.
You are welcome to deliver your tapes to the address below, or you can mail them in a secure Jiffy bag to our address below

Please call Richard on 01296 297309 or 07940 831915 any time, any day between 9 and 7, or e-mail info@wendovermultimedia.co.uk

Our postal address is: 23 Kingfisher House, 61 Walton Street, Aylesbury HP21 7FS

We are pleased to accept cash, cheques, or direct bank transfer, BACS.


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